22.01.2014 23:01


joo, täs mietin että vois vaikka heitellä minun runoja tänne blogii jos ne vaikka sais jonkilaisen arvostelun, tiedän, en ole miehinen mies kun kirjoitan runoja mut ei tarvi olla ;P

dark room, sitting in a corner of it
cant see anything ahead, cannot really hear a thing
my body is so numb i can still feel sadness a bit
theres somebody other inside the room, i can feel it
...walking towards me sensing something gloom from him
he is close to mee, i can almost see his face
there is no head he really is feelingless
he comes to sit next to me
another steps echoing next to it
as the steps comes closer, my fears are set to free
i just want to leave everything back and run and flee
i can see the face of this fearsome creature

...its me

- the feelin`

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