Poem for Rage 

Oh Rage, you silly old friend.
What are you up to again ?
Oh Rage, you poor soul.
Acting on your own again ? 

Hey Rage can`t you see, you are missing me ?
Hey Rage can´t you see, i am missing you ?

Listen to me Rage!

There is no you, without me !
There is no me, without you !

Oh Rage, old friend.
stand with me ,until the end
Oh Rage, old friend.
I stand with you, until the end.

-Nonni Halonen

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Poem for Sorrow 

Why are you sad Sorrow  ?
Did someone mistreat you again  ?
Did someone push you away again ?

Why don`t they understand you Sorrow ?
Why don`t they let you in Sorrow ?

Are they afraid of being sad ?
Are they misplacing you again ?

Can`t they see, that you are part of the solution 
Can`t they accept, that you are part of the equation ?

Look at my hearth Sorrow, feel how i feel.
Search deep in my mind Sorrow, descripe me what you think.
Travel trough my soul Sorrow, tell me what you see.

As you can see Sorrow, in my hearth, mind and soul.
There is a place for you.

-Nonni Halonen

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Poem For Loneliness 

Hush now dear, don`t you cry.
We walk together, trough this dark.
Don`t feel sad, you have me here.
Dancing trough, halls of loneliness.
Hush now dear, smile for me.
See my memories, of lost and left.
See my scars, of pain and misery.
See the truth, you are not alone.
Because even in me, you belong.

-Nonni Halonen

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Poem for Death 


They say love is strongest feeling on earth, but even in love in the end is death.

Why we are saying that love is the strongest, when clearly it's not?

we all are hopeless romantics and struggle trough life searching deeper connection and hoping for a true love to appear.

but in the end, there is always the end.


Death is misunderstood, disguided by fear and unknown, what if it's not how we descripe it.

What if it's all a big illusion, and we can´t see past it.

So i say, don't fear it, but take it in by open arms.

Let it guide you trough to the other side, shed your tears and share your life with it, and take the step forward to unknown.

there are your friends and family, waiting you and welcoming you with joy.

As you look back, you can see Death smiling and saying goodbye to you.

Don´t fear the Death, because even in love there is an end.

There is Death.

-Nonni Halonen


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Twitch: Maikki32_ 

Heloustia. Löydät mut myös twitchistä. Maikki32_. Striimaan satunnaisesti, kuitenkin useamman kerran viikossa. Laita seuraten ja tuu Jutuille ❤️

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