Ancient Hymn V 

Keeper of the Talisman of miraculous, virtues and powers
Greedy alchemist with inhuman knowledge endowed
Chosen initiate guardian of the unknown grialic plants
Prepare the elixir for immortality and rebirth
Open the portal to the astral gates of science
Mental illumination drunk from the golden chalice
"Gaucuma, key to clairvoyance
Muchamor, shaman's mushroom with mystic visions of truth
Honda, for the sacred delirious healing rites
Ayakuasa, death liane of the sorcerers
Yage, to see through walls and rocks
Guanata, sweet coma to the journey of no return"
The secret of divinity lives in this spell
The laws of creation now in my hands
Nature speaks to me in her occult tongue
Reveals to me the keys of her sacred entity
Etherial energies, the principle of life
I am the only mortal with the solar eye...
"The third Eye!"
Little by little the spiral takes its form
A vortex of magic sucks me to the core...!

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tekniikan maailma 

tota lehtee tulee joskus luettua varsinkin vanhoja numeroja autot kiehtoo ja nissä se tekniikka

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Ancient Hymn IV 

Watching the universe evaporate into aloof depths
As the realm of desolation unfolds itself to me
My existence now is mercurial
And my fate depends on the astral gods
"A place of loneliness and despair
Far away from the sun
Is where now you belong forever..."
The final doom still awaits me
And my future seems dreadfully dark
The storms from lower cosmos are rising
As the astral gods are awakening
Night after night I find myself
Trapped and lost in a world of solitude
Will I ever see another view?
Or will my essence be forever trapped?
In this corner of universe,
my little goes on unknown!

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Ancient Hymn III 

Crestfallen voices from the past,
haunting me
She calls me from the land of the dead,
in twisted tongues
The bells I hear are so cold,
and so woeful
Still I start heading for the graves,
beyond the hills
"I've been waiting for you to come
I am dead to the world, but you know I am here"
At last I realize I can't evade her powers
She's got me mesmerized by her cries
"I want you to come to me!"
"I've been waiting for ages!"
From the land of the dead,
I've been summoned
Her voices telling me,
to join the other side
And as my sense fades away,
my visions transcend
Now I realize,
where I am going
At last I hear, the bells are calling for ME!

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Ancient Hymn II 

Death herself had chosen me
To let me watch that gruesome scene
And she held me in her daunting hand
Amazed by that macabre view,
My heart begun to pulse
Galvanized by horrors that I saw
The battle was butchering and
The hordes were rising against each other
Saving nothing but death
The dust was rising up in the sky,
Dead bodies were lying on the ground,
A deadly mass of fierce warriors fighting
While the demons were prevailing
On the sons of god
They were tuning dirges saying: "DIE!!!
Meaningless creatures, slaves of the light
I will triumph for the the evil lives in me!"
A veil of flames war covering the field
The bloody battle reached its end
The ancient warriors got victory in hand
The Battle of battles was won!
Her Majesty, the wicked one, was staring at her enemy
Thunderstrucks resounding once again
The seven angels holding trumpets disappeared
god left the field beaten as the earth started to shake...
It was my dream!!!

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