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Part III & IV: Disciplines of Caine / Zillah and the Crone 

My wrathful cries of anguish
Filled that dismal night
I tore at my flesh and drank my crimson tears

When I glanced up
Appearing in a myriad of stars
The illustrious archangel Gabriel shimmered
Like the moon in my eyes
Bringing mercy even to the damned

But why? Why?

He spoke of a path
The path of Golconda
From which my children could once again
Inhabit the light

Without another word, he disappeared
And I conceived
I had awakened at last

Then the bright-eyed demoness
Taught me how to hide from the eyes
Of those who dare to hunt us
How to command obedience
And demand respect

Soon I found myself attaining (yet) greater powers
I could alter forms, control all beasts and perceive
Beyond sight

Eventually I had to abandon Lilith
And flee from the barren lands of Nod
Set out to procreate my progeny
Caine's children shall inherit the night

[Part IV: zillah and the crone]

Of all my children, none so beloved
My sweet Zillah, none so desired
Her tender skin, her blood so saccharine
I was mesmerized by her enchanting eyes

But she would turn from me, she had no love to me
Nothing I'd provide could keep her satisfied
So I took to roam the wilderness alone
Amid the whispering trees, a wrinkled crone I did see

Crone: 'My spell can make thee win her heart
Drink of my blood then we'll start'

Caine: 'Her (foul) blood I drank for many nights
And Zillah indeed became my wife'

Crone: 'The elixir hast bound thee
My serving thrall thou always be'

Caine: 'But after a year (and a day) her grasp (on me) had gone
With a stake through the heart, I left her to the dawn'

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Jännä sattuma: muutamia öitä sitten näin mielenkiintoista fantasiaunta, jossa oli mm. ketunkaltainen yliluonnollinen olento nimeltä Mjölnir. Varmistin vielä siinä unessa että ai kuten Thorin vasara? Se vahvistettiin. No, kolme päivää sen unen jälkeen aloitin uuden kirjasarjan josta en tiennyt mitään. Ja eiköhän eka kirjassa puhuttu juuri Mjölnir-vasarasta.

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Part II: Lillith's Embrace 

'Alone in the darkness I can hear
The sweetest voice
Whispering words of surcease
And I rejoiced!

Who would dare speak to one so
Condemned as I?
Do you know of my most wicked crime?'

'I'm known as Lilith, your father's first bride
Like you I'm cursed to dwell in the shadows of night.'

'How can one survive here in the dark groves forlorn?
Without a sole compainion of a friend of some form?'

'But there are many compainions in my infinite kingdom.
Through magick and sorcery I've found my freedom.'

'I was cold and she clothed me, I starved
And she fed me, I was mournful yet she loved me.

I shed bloody tears and she made them dissapear
She kissed away my tears
Her powers I could see would forever set me free

I begged her to awake me
Her blood, sweet as wine, as I drank she would sigh
Then I closed my eyes

Into the dark I fell and fell
A deepest abyss
Surrounded by obscurity
A price for her gift

Out from the frigid blackness
Came a radiant glimmering light
Revealing the flaming archangel
Known as Michael'

'Cursed son of Adam
Indeed his mercy is great
Bow thy head and repent thine sins now
Before it's too late.'

'Not by his grace but my own,
I choose to live with pride
Your 'merciful' god disgusts me
His kingdom infested with lies.'

'You sad irrelevant fool
Have thy no shame?
You shall forever fear the light
Of the living flame.'

'On the mornign by silver wing
Raphael came to me and said
Abel did forgive me
Not by his (forgiveness) but mine own
For darkness is my home

I walk alone
My skin would burn by the sun's rays I learned
And the dawn had returned to earth below
I did run seeking shelter from the sun
The endless night of Caine had begun

When I awoke, Uriel appeared
The reaper with black wings
But thrice denied his grace
Hence, my blood-curse begins...'

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Part I: The Curse 

Black clouds fill the day sky
In the primitive lands of Nod
As the two sons of Adam offer up
Their gifts (of pride) to the one reigning high
A dark fate born by sacrificial fire

'Oh, great father of my father
Whom thou banished from thy garden
Look down upon thy faithful servant
And accept my beloved brother.'

With tears of love the firstborn thrust
His sharpest scythe deep into Abel's heart
Rendering him lifeless but eternally
Prized in the mind of god as his body withered
In the scorching blaze

'Oh, my dear brother
Forgive me for what I have done
But to the one almighty
A greater prize I have none.'

'Caine, thou has broken my seal of absolute love
The crime thou'st committed meets not
The approval of him above
Forever shall you wonder in the lands beyond alone
And from this day forth I cannot call thee my own.'

'Oh, father my great father
Why hast thou cursed me so?
Have I not done what thou asked for?
To the shadowed woods I cannot go.'

'I can no longer endure thy sinful words
This greatly unmerciful deed hast done his wrong
I pray that thou find ways to repent
And as I was cast out so you shall be gone!'
Be gone!

Exiled, the firstborn rushes off to the obscure yet
Welcoming arms of Cimmerian darkness
For there he shall find great wisdom
And awaiting beneath the crescent moon lurks
The mother of magick...

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